Sito Archeologico Acqua Fredda Redebus

There seems to be a never-ending struggle between human endeavour and the earth, a game of mirrors caught between the twin forces of evolution and destruction. Metallurgy, and possibly even more so mining, desecrated the mountains since their furnaces needed the wood from whole swathes of mountainside to reach the 1200°C needed for extraction. By chance in 1979, one of the highest archaeological areas in Europe and one of the most important prehistoric foundries in the Alps was discovered at 1440 metres between Altopiano di Pinè and the Valle dei Mocheni. Its furnaces were in use between the 13th and 11th centuries BC. Extraction of copper required an enormous amount of work, since the metal was not present in its pure state. Production was on an industrial scale, although it was also seasonal, given the altitude. Among ancient smelting furnaces, tools and swords, present-day metal workers fashion metal instruments before our very eyes. Thanks to the educational workshops, you too can learn the trade. Handcrafting of such implements teaches us how much effort went into forging human culture and existence in these early times.