Museo Minerario Calceranica

It would be nice to think that the main entrance gallery to this huge pyrite mine, called ‘Leyla’, gave its name to the feisty Princess ‘Leila’ in the Italian version of Star Wars. George Lucas would certainly approve the choice! Venturing along the first 100 metres of the mine’s entrance gallery, wearing a de rigueur helmet and waterproof jacket, can only be done in the company of expert guides. On the other hand, the ancient trail that the miners from the villages of Vattaro and Bosentino followed twice a day can be undertaken unaccompanied. They passed this way to work or going back home, through the wilderness of the valley cut by the Mandola mountain river. With the help of displays and reconstructions, we can follow the story of the mine and its miners, and experience some of what they felt.