Museo delle Miniere di Vignola

In order to plunge you right into what to date you’ve only been able to imagine, we’ve reconstructed a mine exactly as our miners would have experienced it up to the 1960s, when extraction stopped and the mines, now shut and abandoned, were left to themselves to rest for a while and evoke memories. Inside, among photographs, tools and green, pink and white crystals of fluorite, quartz and barite, you can learn about the various aspects of mining life in a small mountain community with a population of barely 200 and discover the story of the oldest mountain in Trentino, Monte Orno (orno meaning ‘ball’), ‘the mountain that gave birth to the sun’ for the inhabitants down in the valley. Here the collectors of the area put their best collections on display, revealing passions handed down from generation to generation. Right next to the museum, the Stube Valzurg restaurant features a workshop for younger guests, who can turn themselves into little miners and search out precious minerals.