Museo Pietra Viva Sant'Orsola

This unique place can only be described as magical. Here minerals really come to life, thanks to the passion and dedication of the twins Mario and Lino Pallaoro, researchers, collectors, explorers and mineral experts who are famous even abroad. It is they who will tell the story of the Valle del Fersina in a fantastic voyage among gold nuggets, fossils and crystals of every type. Young and old alike will be fascinated by the tale of Franz, a young boy who gets lost between the Valsugana and the Valle Incantata. A lad who in order to survive learns how to make the most of the mountain’s resources. Lino and Mario, through practical workshops, will make you relive the experience of that young adventurer. You will learn how to light a fire, sieve for gold nuggets, be dazzled by the marvels of a cave bright with crystals. To really understand what the mountains are made of, you have to visit the Living Rock Museum.