The future grows from the present,
but has its roots in the past

The Park

Stones are treasure-chests of secrets and memories. They can stay silent for centuries and then suddenly start talking, as if by magic. Stories have emerged from the depths of the earth of men and women who have had to dig underground to earn their daily bread: miners, metal workers and even alchemists, who often travelled from afar to bring minerals and crystals to the earth’s surface. And then they stopped, because all things come to an end. Their labour gave birth to the Geopark.

The Mining Park of Alta Valsugana and Bersntol, by placing online the area’s geological sites and museums, has mapped out a path that allows the story of the whole valley to be told. Every site and every museum is representative of an epoch from the Bronze Age through to the present day.

You will discover mountains and valleys, shafts and galleries that plunge towards the centre of the earth, quarries and trails, follow the veins of argentiferous galenas (ores yielding lead and silver) and enjoy ancient and traditional fare.

There are thematic trails for young and old alike, workshops, historical reconstructions, shows and unforgettable walks over and under the earth’s surface: dark and light, memory and future, art, culture and nature. Imagine our history together with us and you’ll find some of yours there too. Collective memory and eco-sustainable tourism make for an adventure of extraordinary beauty.